Girls Tower Hamlets Athletics Championships

A massive WELL DONE to all the girls that competed in the Tower Hamlets Athletics Championships on Tuesday 1 May 2016. Everyone did a fantastic job and showed great determination and competitive spirit!

Please feel free to congratulate everyone who took part and share the results!


Yr 7
1st:100m - Sherifa
1st: 200m - Faith
2nd: High Jump - Sherifa
2nd: Javelin - Sumayah
2nd: Discus - Maryam
1st: 4x 100m relay (Taylor, Faith, Sherifa, Maryam)

1st: 200m- Natral
1st: 100m- Sade
2nd: Long Jump- Natral
1st: High Jump- Sade
4th: 800m- Leyla
5th: 1500m- Rachel
3rd: 4x 100m relay (Natral, Sade, Leyla, Rachel)

3rd: 200m- Milly
4th: 800m- Diana
5th: Discus- Ines