Google Expeditions at Wapping High School!

On Thursday 17 November, Google Expeditions visited Wapping to trial new software and apps with classes in REAL and geography. Expeditions is virtual reality software that students used to visit many places affected by climate change, including the Artic, Venice, the Great Barrier Reef and the Alps. Their teacher was able to point out the aspects of each place that had been impacted by climate change in the virtual world.

Classes in Years 9 and 10 had an even greater experience visiting different levels of the stratosphere to directly look at the different greenhouse gases causing climate change. Finally, we visited the moon and Mount Everest!

As a Google school and with a digital strategy to move education into the 21st century, this was a fantastic opportunity for staff to learn how to operate and use this sort of equipment. David Whitney, Lead teacher for REAL and Humanities, organised this opportunity and learnt a great deal about how schools can benefit from virtual reality. We are encouraged by conversations with Google around their desire to roll-out this technology to schools at an affordable price, and therefore are in a good position to push for our own virtual reality equipment to use with students on a regular basis.