Murder most forensic


The scene was laid out for all to see. An outlined body, blood on the table. All the clues were there to be found. This wasn’t just another episode of CSI this was something much better, our first open evening of the year. While the Science students were showing off their forensic skills, delicious smells of baking bread were enticing visitors to Food Technology on the third floor. Over in Art, students were showing off their new found skills in line drawing while Ms Campbell was demonstrating how she uses Apps to encourage good behaviour in the classroom. On the first floor Ms Holloway and her students explained how Project Based Learning is being used to teach History and Geography. Mr Sharif dazzled his audience with Magic Maths (a very popular session) and when everyone arrived at the fifth floor they were refreshed by delicious canapes served up by the school’s caterers Holroyd Howe.

One visitor took the trouble to email on her way home, “We were very impressed by the two pupils who were our guides who proudly showed us their school and introduced us to their teachers.”

Thanks go to all the students, staff, parents and governors who helped make the event such a success.