Latest news from Historical Heros


The year 7s have been working very hard on their book!

This week the PBL students of the copy editing department have been working very hard and are trying to finish an amazing foreword of the book! Also the PR department are sending invites to the governors of the school and designing a spectacular invitation. At the moment the social media team have created Twitter and Tumblr accounts and are now going on to Pinterest. Check out their Twitter here and help spread the word!

The design department are doing flat plans, and have created an amazing poster for our book and the book launch on the 22nd October.  This will be put up all over the school.  See the image to see what it looks like.

The year 7s have the front cover ready and have been collecting photos of everyone's heroes. They are a mixture of current and historical photos and mean that the book will be really interesting to look at as well as ready.

Don't forget to have a look at their amazing posters!

Sade, Ariquz Zaman and Joseph