Terrific performances at Cross-Country Borough Championships

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On Thursday 2nd October Wapping High School attended the Cross-Country Borough Championships in Victoria Park coming out with some Outstanding results!

Wapping High students were up against all the schools in Tower Hamlets and competed in 6 races which was amazing. One student said ‘I had no idea the competition was going to be so big, we were up against such strong athletes and still turned up with incredible results.I am so proud of our school!’

The races started at 11:00 with the year 7’s racing a 2000 meter race and with Callum coming in an amazing fourth place!  Other terrific performances came from Adanma who came in 5th in the Year 8 race and Mia-Lani who came third place in the year 9 race. Both Callum and Mia had been picked to represent Wapping high school in Tower Hamlets Cross Country Championships already.

Each student ran to the best of their ability. I was particularly proud of the team spirit and support shown to each other throughout the day. Well done cross country team.
— Mrs Field, PE

Wapping High school cross country team and the school want to thank Mrs Field for the support she has given to all the students  and for giving us all the opportunity to show how incredible Wapping High School students can be.

By Imane Year 9

 Wapping High School Cross-Country Team

Wapping High School Cross-Country Team