One week to go!


One week to go! The year 7 students of Wapping High School have been working extremely hard on their PBL project. We are less than 7 days away from the book launch. The copy editing team have nearly finished and are summarising everyone's stories. Everyone's stories are looking great and are ready to go to the publishers. The public relations team are currently writing a press release and are frequently updating the social media accounts, which can be accessed through the link below: 

The blurb team are composing the design and layout for the stories. The project is almost done and everyone (including the teachers) are ecstatic to see the final project and partake in the evening that's occurring on the 22nd of October. 

The great thing about PBL is that it lets children grow academically and holistically as well as studying particular subjects eg. history, geography. They also develop interpersonal and diplomacy skills, this book has been an absolute pleasure watching students take charge of their learning and take pride in the work that they have produced. this book is a symbol of the hard work and determination given by the students at Wapping High. What an achievement!
— Mr Walthaus (Head of Fleet House)