Admissions for September 2012


Families who applied for places before the end of February for Year 7 places in September 2012 have been placed our priority list. Unfortunately, we are not able to make conditional offers at this time but hope to make offers on Monday 19 March. We understand that families are excited by the prospect of starting at Wapping High School. The Trust and the Department for Education are committed to doing everything we can to open Wapping High School in September.

We are contacting all families that have made an application to explain the reasons for the delay. If you have made an application and do not hear from us by the 9th March please contact The Trust urgently.

What does this mean for families with children starting secondary school in September?

Families may have received offers for places at other secondary schools. The Trust and Tower Hamlets admissions service recommend that you accept an offer from another school while you wait for an offer from Wapping High School. Parents are entitled to accept offers from more than one secondary school. This will guarantee that your child has a place at secondary school in September.

A limited number of places are still available for Wapping High School. Families wishing to apply to Wapping High School should complete our on-line application form [apply here].

Good progress is being made towards opening in 2012

The Trust recently appointed Paul Guénault as Headteacher of Wapping High School and further staff recruitment will begin at the end of March.