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Parent/Tutor Consultation Day

Parent Tutor Consultation Day Q&A.

What is it? 

The purpose of this day is to give you the opportunity to discuss your child's progress with their tutor. This is an essential part of teaching and learning at Wapping High School.

How will it run? 

We have an appointment system and your child will be asked to make an appointment on your behalf. Please look out for the letter which will be posted to you next week. Your child will record the appointment in their planner.

Does my child have to attend?

Yes! In order for your child to be marked present for the day, it is compulsory that he/she accompanies you to the ParentTutor Consultation Day. We expect all students to attend.

What do we do during the appointment?

Yes! On the day, your child, their tutor and yourselves will decide upon targets based on their report. Please see page 117 in their planner as this is where they will record their targets.