Teaching methods - SEND provision 

The personalised learning programmes employed at Wapping High School are tailored to the abilities of each student.

It is recognised that some students will require additional support for some or all of their learning. This support is deployed using the support groups within the mainstream provision and individual support where appropriate from an experienced SEND team.

The Headteacher has responsibility for ensuring that all SEND related policies and practices adhere to the SEND Code of Practice.

On starting at Wapping High School, all students are assessed in their literacy and numeracy skills. 

In addition, the personalised learning methodology employed at Wapping High School enables individual subject-based assessments 

assessments to identify particular strengths and areas of difficulty.

This informs target setting and helps identify students with additional support needs. Where it is indicated by a particular set of needs the school works closely with specialist outside agencies to provide the best support.

Download the SEND policy here

Download the local offer here

Statements of SEND

Some students at Wapping High School may require the guidance of a Statement of Special Educational Needs. 

Staff at Wapping High School work with the families of these students to assist in explaining the implications of the Statement. 

Where the statement indicates additional support, the school has appointed appropriate staff to provide it.

Regular monitoring and assessment of the progress of a student with a statement  takes place in accordance with the personalised learning framework. 

Annual reviews  take place for students with statements In accordance with the SEND Code of Practice and using a person-centred approach. 

Parents and other parties involved in supporting the student’s educational progress are invited to provide evidence and comment. The involvement of parents in these processes is essential and actively promoted by the school.