Appointment of the Principal

The Wapping & Shadwell Secondary Education Trust has appointed Paul Guénault as Principal Designate for Wapping High School.

Paul came through an arduous and demanding recruitment process which had a record-breaking 39 applications for the post. Six candidates were selected for interview. Although all six candidates were more than suitable for taking on this challenge, Paul stood out from the start. He demonstrated that he has the leadership and management qualities that will get the new school off to a flying start.

Paul is currently Deputy Headteacher at Highgate Wood in Haringey. Paul has assured us that “As Headteacher, I will set the highest standards and expectations for me, my staff and my students to own and enjoy their learning, respect and value each other, have fun and contribute to a safe and happy school where all are aspiring, limitless learners and we celebrate our successes together. I look forward to opening Wapping High School in September 2012.”

It is fantastic to have found Paul Guénault. He really understands the issues that face young people in our neighbourhoods and knows how to deliver the vision for a school which tackles those head on. We have campaigned for a new school here for more than 3 years and this is one of our key milestones.