Wapping High hits Norfolk Beaches

Some of our GCSE Geography students have taken a residential trip to Norfolk. They have been exploring the physical processes of erosion on several beaches in the area and have been using a variety of methods to collect data. They are pictured below at Salthouse Beach in north Norfolk. 


Top GCSE Results in English and Maths in Tower Hamlets!

We are pleased to announce that we are top of the provisional borough league table for English and Maths GCSE results at grade 5 and above. All signs suggest that next year’s results will be just as good if not better. Congratulations to all those who completed their GCSEs not only in our school but in others too, the standard set by GCSE results in the borough is aspirational and all GCSE completers should be very proud of themselves.

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Food Practicals

All students now have a recipe book that has guidance on what will be cooked for the rest of the term. This will help parents plan ahead when food shopping.

Next week’s practicals are as follows:

Year 9 (Bread) are cooking lahmachun on Wednesday 20th September. Please bring ingredients for the topping (school will provide the bread base) and a container or foil to carry your product home.

Year 10 (Fruit and Vegetables) will be cooking minestrone soup on Tuesday 19th September. Please organise ingredients in groups or individually and remember to bring a suitable container (flask, click-lock lid) to carry your soup home in.

Year 11 (Skills Refresh) are making flapjack apple crumbles on Tuesday 19th September. Please bring in ingredients and a small oven proof dish. Tin foil and a bag would also be useful to cover the dish when the crumble is taken home.

Parents, many thanks for taking the time out to support your child's learning in food technology. Please get in touch if there are any problems.

Ms Cara Robinson - Teacher of Technology

'The Hatching' by Ezekiel Boone

Ever since I can remember I have had a phobia of spiders. I hate them. They terrify me to the point that I will run from a room and not return until my dog has dispatched it from the face of the earth!
So, with me being such a horror fan, I could not resist picking this book up about man-eating world dominating spiders; the first in two books. 
The plot is straightforward enough: man goes to Peru and disrupts the local ecology before unleashing a worldwide eight-legged epidemic. Think 'The Walking Dead' meets 'Jurassic Park.'
Mr. Raw
Assistant Head

Update: English Intervention

Well done to the 21 students who attended the first session of after-hours intervention last Friday. As promised, this will continue today with three members of the department (Ms Lomax, Mr Overill and myself) delivering simultaneous sessions on different topics.

Please support us by encouraging your son/daughter to attend!

Mr Raw

Outstanding Effort

Well done to Year 11 for starting their mock revision super early. Almost the whole of Year 11 chose to stay late at school this afternoon for after school revision boosters run by the English department. Impressive! Keep it up. 

Download Parent Mail

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Words for Work with the National Literacy Trust

I am pleased to report that the first session of the Words for Work programme - run alongside the National Literacy Trust with volunteers from Facebook - was a huge success. Monday's opening session taught pupils interview skills along with communication techniques in the work place. 
This coming Monday will see our volunteers from Facebook coming into school in order to lend their support and expertise to Year 9. 

Mr Raw