Welcome to Wapping High School where children experience something exceptional; a new vision of future learning.

We are a small school, the 84 girls and boys in each year have an education that is student centred and tailored to their individual needs. Our shared expectation of positive learning behaviours are supported by modern, innovative and exciting spaces.

Our talented staff know every student and work with them to ensure that they leave the school truly ready to move into the world of higher education and work as global citizens, high achievers and self-confident, rounded people. The curriculum blends high quality, imaginative learning supported by a rich, digital environment with a rigorous focus on ensuring that all students develop the highest quality skills in reading, writing, numeracy and communication. As well as the range of subjects that you would expect, students also learn how best to learn, to communicate, to think critically and strategically, and to understand themselves, each other and the wider world, both real and virtual.

Across the week we also have some slightly longer school days which provide excellent learning and experience enrichment for our students to build their skills and knowledge even further.

The school is proud to have its place in our community and we remain determined to continue to strengthen as a centre of celebration of our rich diversity and partnerships.

I am proud to lead Wapping High School as Headteacher and I bring with me a successful career in headship and an unyielding determination to provide the very best education possible for our students. My team and I share a passion for providing first class learning opportunities for all our students leading to outstanding outcomes which help open the door to happy and successful lives.

Gary Nelson