Role of a Parent Governor

I can honestly say I’m proud to be a Governor of Wapping High School.

Why I became a Governor

I joined Wapping High School via the Parent Governor route in March 2014. My daughter, Sia, is currently in Year 8. I had actually made contact with WHS regarding becoming a Governor before Sia was offered a place, so keen was I to be associated with the school!

To my mind, and it's why as a family we chose WHS, what sets this school apart from many others is a vision balancing sound academic achievement with a focus on tailored learning and personal development. Teaching the pupil rather than teaching the subject is perhaps to the simplest way of putting it.

Role of the Parent Governor

The role of a ‘Parent Governor’, as opposed to ‘Governor’, is often misunderstood. My role is actually the same as any other Governor, it is not the case that I represent Parents to a greater or lesser extent than any of the other Governors; its purely the route by which I became a Governor, via an election in which only parents can vote. Up to two Parent Governors can sit on the Governing Body.

The role of Governor is not operational, that is the Head’s job, the Governing Body exists to challenge the school on the decisions it makes, and to provide strategic advice which should lead to the school making good decisions. Challenge and support.

All Governors attend a Governing Body meeting once every half term. As a Governor you are also required to sit on one or more of the school’s three additional committees: Learning, Resources and Communications. I am the Chair of the Resources and the Communications committees. On the one hand I am responsible for challenging and supporting the school on its financial decisions, and on the other I work with the school on developing the way it communicates with its stakeholders: staff, pupils and parents.

Christian Thomas, Parent Governor