Top GCSE Results in English and Maths in Tower Hamlets

We are pleased to announce that we are top of the provisional borough league table for English and Maths GCSE results at grade 5 and above. All signs suggest that next year’s results will be just as good if not better. Congratulations to all those who completed their GCSEs not only in our school but in others too, the standard set by GCSE results in the borough is aspirational and all GCSE completers should be very proud of themselves.

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GCSE Results 2017 - Top Performers

Well done to our first year 11 cohort who achieved fantastic results. Here are just some of our top performers.

Ornob Miah achieved 9 A/A* GCSE grades. He will be studying 4A levels and then wants to pursue Engineering at a top Russell Group university or try for Oxbridge.

Imane Aliane achieved 9 top GCSE grades. She has been accepted to study four A levels at the highly prestigious London Academy of Excellence where students need five As to be accepted. Imane’s ambition is to become a research professor in the medical field.

Ananda Kupfer who took his 11 GCSEs a year early at the age of 15. He achieved all top grades and has been accepted to study 4 A levels at the highly competitive Harris Westminster Academy where he had to pass entrance exams as well as achieve A grades in his A level subjects to be accepted.

Leila Moore's results included 5 A grades. She will be studying 4 A levels at City and Islington College as well as pursuing her passion for sailing. We will be keeping a close eye on her progress as she aims for the 2020 Olympics.

Yasin Tribak achieved 8 top GCSE grades. He has been accepted to study four A levels at the highly selective London Academy of Excellence where students need to achieve a minimum of 5 As to be accepted.

Mia Jones' GCSE results included 5 grade As. She is going on to study 4 A levels at City and Islington College.

Congratulations to all of our GCSE leavers, we wish you every success and cannot wait to hear about your future successes!

Fabulous GCSE results from our first ever year 11 cohort!

Excellent GCSE results from Year 11 students at Wapping High School have been warmly welcomed by governors and staff. Our first-ever exam results, from the student intake who joined the newly founded school in 2012, show 73% of pupils achieving Grade 4 and above in English and Maths, and 62% achieving Grade 5 and above.

In addition, the 32% of Wapping High School students who achieved the EBacc - widely recognised as a key indicator of a broad education - was significantly higher than the 2016 national average of 23%.

A number of students Imane Aliane, Ornob Miah, Ananda Kupfer also got straight A’s and above. We couldn’t be prouder! Not only this but just a few years ago, student Ornob Miah couldn’t speak English and now he has achieved brilliant results, what an inspiration!

Head teacher Gary Nelson commented: 'I am delighted by these results. It is particularly pleasing to see the high percentage of our students achieving at GCSE Grade 8 - the old A* grade.'

Chair of Governors Kerstyn Comley commented, 'These great results cap another positive year for Wapping High School and launch our students towards the best possible future.'

A parent also commented ‘My son was bullied in primary school. I knew Wapping High School was the right school for him. His good results wouldn't have been possible in any other school. The level of support and the school community is second to none.’

All Year 11 students leaving the school this year are going onto further educational and vocational training. We wish all students the very best of luck for their future. We look forward to receiving 2018 results and hope that they are just as fantastic as this year if not better!

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