Teaching methods - Assessment

Student development and achievement is the core purpose of Wapping High School. Alongside academic achievement and attainment, the teaching and learning of practical, vocational, entrepreneurial, artistic, sporting and social skills is also be highly valued as are positive attitudes for learning.

A thirst for knowledge and a lifelong love of learning grows and thrives in the school, where students constantly strive to extend their learning. Continual assessment and feedback is an everyday process, and ensures that students are following an appropriate set of learning trails and have mobility to move within ability levels. 

Shared targets help inform students' decisions and inform agreed choices.

Wapping High School implements three strands of support for students’ development and achievement:

1. Assessment

  • Feedback is the important element of assessment, ensuring that students, teachers and parents are clear about where a student is and what they need to do to improve and move to the next stage.
  • There is a blend of formal and informal assessment and also a blend of qualitative and quantitative information gathered and shared
  • Self-evaluation, peer assessment, critique, reflection and open debate are used to support, challenge and inspire.
  • Results are measured against local, national and, where possible, international standards of achievement.

2. Target setting

  • Each student sets targets regularly with the guidance of their academic tutor that are related to their own expected performance.
  • Targets are challenging yet achievable.
  • Each student is encouraged to make informed decisions about their education that maximise their chances of enjoyment and success.
  • Targets  promote progression not only within academic subjects but also with life skills such as communication and initiative.
  • Excellent attitudes for learning are an expectation for all students

3. Rewards

The celebration of success in its many differing forms is an important and essential part of Wapping High School life. Student engagement with their learning and motivation to aspire and succeed will be enhanced by:

  • Rewards systems  to promote positive values, merit and achievement.
  • House competitions in a range of areas across curriculum and beyond.
  • The Alison Weir Award for achievement in History. This is aimed primarily at students who have shown great achievement at the lower ends of attainment with the view that all achievements are integral to the school and celebrated in equal measure.
  • Rewards for outstanding achievement and attainment awarded termly, annually and as required.
  • A range of methods of sharing success from digital display screens in the school to the formal annual prize-giving ceremony.